Overview of Mission, Vision and Program


Mission: To provide education by exposing the truth concerning issues that are traumatizing women, men and children. The Naked & Not Ashamed conference and production helps to expose the stronghold of guilt and shame in the lives of victims who have been perpetrated. We will equip victims of these serious offenses by giving them life changing tools and principals on how to live a life free from unforgiveness, anger, shame, guilt, and condemnation.

Vision: The vision is to create an environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing their most intimate pain. The purpose of this program is to teach and demonstrate the powerful Word of God that brings individuals hope for their future and healing from their past. We will alert and raise the spiritual consciousness to the Faith Based Community to understand their role as intercessors, healing centers and safe havens for these individuals who need freedom in their heart and souls. Attendees will be empowered to assist in the freedom of others as well as receive empowerment themselves to grow and mature.


This program will offer a five phase approach which will include:

Phase 1 – NANA Drama Production that exposes the painful scars and characteristics of a guilt ridden life “The Ramona Brown Story” along with other responses that victims experience.

Phase 2 – NANA Workshop Training and Classes provides a range of comprehensive instruction by exposing the truth concerning issues that are traumatizing women, men and children through the following teaching workshops, classes, books and materials:

The Naked Truth
Cover Girl
Living a Life of Shame
Abuse Forum
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Family Dynamics
Health Realization

Phase 3 – Follow-up Support Services

Referral for Counseling Services ( Professional Spiritual)
Victims Support Groups and Training

Phase 4 – Life Skills Training

Skills enhancement

Phase 5 – Life Coaching and Therapy Services