Seven Ways the Lord Loves Us

1.  The Fathers Love is shown in sending His Son John 3:16 - the source of the Son by the Father and His love.  God's love shines brighter.

2.  In the way He reveals Himself to us. John 12:45 we see God through Jesus and how He lives.

3.  In how He adopted us - we are the children of God. 1 John 3:1 - Gal. 4:6 we are God's sons. 

4.  His love in comforting us - 2 Cor. 1:3 - Rom 15:5 the Father of encouragement, His love is seen even in the acts He does for us.

5.  In how He provides for us - James 1:17 - enjoy the gifts He gives us, He is generous and runs ahead and makes provision for us.  We must recognize everything He gives and give Him gratitude which opens the provision He has for us.

6.  When He fulfill His promises - we can have security and confidence by what He says He will do.

7.  His love is manifested in His discipline towards us.  Heb 12:6 says "He loves us in the discipline He gives us."  God's discipline is committed in how He disciplines us and His love and His chastisement in one the same.