Lewis is a native of Colorado and resides in Centennial, CO. He is married to Ramona Brown and blessed with a daughter and son who are both active in ministry with them. He made his decision for Christ at the age of 6 and grew up in the church serving the Lord. He attended Friends University in Wichita, KS where he majored in music. He holds a doctorate degree in Biblical Studies and Theology from the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology. 

Lewis has been in ministry for over 35 years and has successfully planted two churches, serving as the Founder, Visionary and Senior Leader. He also provides Apostolic Covering to churches and Ministry Gifts across the nation. His ministry experience includes missions work to West Africa, Haiti and the Caribbean. He has passion for evangelistic initiatives, leadership training and organizational development. His work includes leading leaders, nurturing, building and equipping people to fulfill their divine destiny. He is known and celebrated for his work in his Colorado community as an advocate for social justice and is an anointed vocalist, musician, song writer and composer. His debut album “Holy Habitation” released in February 2015 and is blessing people around the world. Lewis now presides over the ministry at New Beginnings Cathedral of Worship in Centennial, CO which he founded in June of 2000. Those who receive and love his ministry say that “his leadership and teaching and modeling apostolic grace has provided healing, transformation and revelation to their lives.

Ramona is the Executive Pastor at New Beginnings Cathedral of Worship in Centennial Colorado where she serves alongside her husband, Lewis F. Brown Sr. Ramona has a divine mandate on her life for prayer. She is very effective in teaching, training, and raising up prayer warriors. She also is the founder of Naked and Not Ashamed (NANA) a ministry designed to bring intervention and education to the community about the effects of abuse. Ramona received her doctoral degree from the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology. Additionally, she is an anointed vocalist, musician and writer. She is a published author of several books on prayer, healthy living and prophetic training and currently is teaching PUSH Bible Study classes for 14 years. Ramona is involved in outreach ministries in prisons and the community and is looking forward to many more years of teaching to share how the power of God has and is healing her life. She is also a mother to two adult children and grandmother.