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Sun, Jun 03, 2018
Passage: Luke 5:1
Duration: 49 mins 30 secs
Let's Go Deeper Part I Luke 5:1-10
Sun, Jun 03, 2018
Duration: 57 mins 19 secs
Praise & Worship
Sun, May 06, 2018
Passage: John 4:10-24
Duration: 1 hr 4 mins 6 secs
“Our Love for God is Evident in our Worship” Pillar 5 “I Am a Worshipper” John 4:10 – 24, “the kind of people the Father is looking for; those who are simple and honest before Him in their worship.” True worship must be hot not cold, able to transform the heart, leads the way to complete obedience, keeps the soil of the heart fertile, helps us guard our heart, worship is tied to soul winning, tear down walls so we can be a church without walls.